Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Passive 3DTV

Transform your favourite films and sporting action – 3D TV makes you feel part of the drama. Featuring Passive 3D technology that allows for hours of comfortable 3D TV viewing for the whole family. The 3D glasses are lightweight too – so you’ll hardly notice you’ve got them on. The price of good passive 3D TV has fallen while the quality has improved considerably.

Advantages of Passive Polarized 3D TV glasses:
1. Lightweight
2. Inexpensive - About one quarter the price of Active Shutter glasses. The LG comes with 4 to 8 free glasses.
3. No flickering - which means less discomfort and eye fatigue over long view periods.

Overall, LG has the best passive 3D TV technology today and the prices have come down considerably.

As far as comfort and overall ease of use is concerned, passive 3D TV is a great choice.It's a good choice for the family because it provides hours of family fun and the 3d glasses are relatively cheap to replace if broken.

 Based on picture quality, reliability and excellent customer support, i'm going with LG 3D TV. To the right are the prices of this month's best models, it's the right time to pick one up.

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